What is Nishimura Banchaya Honten?

Focus on the customer

It is almost 100 years since we started as a wholesaler of Kyobancha.

Even though we have expanded to be the leading wholesaler in Kansai and now deal in all types of Japanese tea,
there is one thing that hasn't changed.

That is our consistent focus on the customer.

Our mission as a wholesaler is to help you build your brand.

In order to meet our customer's demands we provide a stable supply of safe,
high-quality products at reasonable prices.

A partner you can trust

We will help you build your brand.

We can do that due to our unyielding devotion to protecting two beneficial rules,
while building our experience and know-how as we devotedly walk the path of the wholesaler.

Those rules are "Don't sell to our client's customers" and "Strict observance of client confidentiality".

The high confidence that breeds is the heart of Nishimura Banchaya Honten's value.

You can consult with us on a variety of issues, and then let us take it from there.

We want to continue to be a partner that you can trust.

Our founder, Hideo Nishimura, opened Nishimura Banchaya as a Kyobancha wholesaler in 1922 (Taisho 11). It was a late addition in Uji, a location with many longstanding businesses from the Edo period. The focus was on Bancha, of which, though demand was high, manufacturers were scarce. Our founder's vision "focus on the customer" began when he selected Bancha to respond to the great demand; today that vision continues unchanged.
After the founding, as our business underwent great expansion, we went from handling just Bancha to Sencha, Gyokuro, and Matcha as well. Now we are the leading wholesaler in the Kansai area. As we near 100 years we want to build on top of that and grow even larger along with our customers.


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