About the factory

Our factory, the oldest and largest in Kansai,is on a plot approximately 3300 square meters.

If our production line, which was constructed using an original system,
is running at full capacity, it can output approximately 7 tons of processed tea daily.

We continue to create high quality tea leaves by having centralized production and control.

Thorough quality control

Every time we purchase raw tea or manufacture tea,
inspectors perform sensory evaluations as well as composition and other analyses.

This allows us to assign each a numeric value in order to maintain quality.

Additionally, in order to thoroughly guarantee the safety of the tea we manufacture,
you can see the production history of all the tea we handle.

We are also aggressively pursuing various standards and qualifications.

Inspection system

ISO22000(Registered 9/28/2007)

ISSC22000(Registered 2016)

At least once every two months,
we engage an outside consultant to do a strict examination of the production line to ensure a sanitary environment.

Other certifications

JAS organic certification
Tea inspection 7-dan (Satoshi Nishimura)
Japanese tea appraiser (Satoshi Nishimura)
Japanese tea instructor (Satoshi Nishimura)


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