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As a wholesaler of Japanese tea, we can consistently handle everything from manufacture of various types of tea leaves to processing, packaging, and even set creation.

Tea varieties


In addition to the plantations we directly contract with,
we purchase from the Kyoto tea market as well as various area markets.
We purchase approximately 1000 tons of raw tea leaves per year.
Starting with Uji tea, in order to meet our customer's demands for price and quality,
we only purchase domestic tea leaves.

Production capacity

Maximum daily output of about 500kg
Gyokuro, Kabusecha, Sencha
Maximum daily output of 7 tons
Maximum daily output of 1 ton

Inventory management

We have cold storehouses both on and off site capable of storing over 1000 tons of raw tea. Of course we maintain strict quality controls to ensure that we can meet our orders whenever, regardless of harvest time.

Processed goods

Our processed goods consist of Matcha
and different varieties of tea bags.

The finishing touches

Whether it's bagging, creating sets, or boxing up the products, and then all the way through to shipping, we will respond to our customer's most detailed requests.


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