We have received award for three consecutive years.

Thank you always for your cooperation. Our company is the winner of Kansai MAFF Director-General's Award in Tencha division at the 41st, 42nd and 43rd Uji Tea Competition for three consecutive years (2019,2020,2021). *Tencha is a raw material for Matcha (Green tea powder) This is due to everyone who give us continuous support. Thank you very much for all support. Thank you very much all the time. We will continue to supply tea stably with high quality in mind. Thank you very much.

Our Preventive Measures For COVID-19

In addition to our regular sanitation procedures 1.We are making sure to wash, disinfect our hands when we arrive at the workplace, and wear masks on the way to work. 2.When entering the factory, we thoroughly disinfect ourselves and wear masks and gloves. 3. Employees and officers are divided into two groups to prevent them from becoming close contacts of all employees. 4.We conduct checking of the body temperature and health condition of all employees and officers when arriving at the workplace. 5.We disinfect places with high possible of contact, such as doorknobs, on a regular basis at risk. 6.We frequently share information regarding COVID-19 within the company to call attention. Our thoughts are always with you all during this harsh and difficult situation due to the recent COVID-19 epidemic. If there is anything that we can do to help you, we will provide our utmost support, so please do not hesitate to ask. We earnestly pray that you will remain in good health.

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